2018 2A State Wrestling Place Winners

This weekend the greatest wrestlers from all over the state of Colorado got together for a little “party” at the Pepsi Center in Denver. There were ups and there was downs, but all in all it’s been a good weekend. Here are the place winners in all 14 weight classes from Class 2A.


1st-Seth McFall (Junior, Fowler)

2nd-Max Salazar (Sanford)

3rd-Cole Rockwell (Sophomore, Wray)

4th-Marc Barkdoll (Junior, Wiggins)

5th-Michael Romero (Sophomore, Swink)

6th-Zack Ruiz (Sophomore, Rye)


1st-Cade Rockwell (Sophomore, Wray)

2nd-Logan Lewis (Sophomore, Highland)

3rd-Michael Atencio (Freshmen, Rye)

4th-Adrian Nieto (Freshmen, Cedaredge)

5th-Jose Garcia (Freshmen, Dolores Huerta)

6th-Dillon Jaramillo (Junior, Rocky Ford)


1st-Trey Geyer (Freshmen, Cedaredge)

2nd-Jacob Pelloni (Senior, Meeker)

3rd-Dante Chirichigno (Sophomore, Highland)

4th-Joziah Maestas (Freshmen, Rocky Ford)

5th-Christopher Gamboa (Senior, Burlington)

6th-Austin Crum (Junior, Holly)


1st-Sean Dale (Sophomore, Cedaredge)

2nd-Junior Arambula (Freshmen. Wray)

3rd-Cael Croissant (Senior, Wiggins)

4th-Oran Huff (Freshmen, Lyons)

5th-Isiah Wellman (Junior, Mountain Valley)

6th-Presley Pene (Junior, Hotchkiss)


1st-Wesley VanMatre (Sophomore, John Mall)

2nd-Brett Benavides (Senior, Del Norte)

3rd-Tyler Collins (Freshmen, Wray)

4th-Gianni Trejo (Senior, Yuma)

5th-Traycer Hall (Freshmen, Hotchkiss)

6th-Jade Cozart (Junior, Cheyenne Wells)


1st-Cody Jacobsen (Senior, Burlington)

2nd-Tannen Kennedy (Junior, Meeker)

3rd-Sackett Chesnik (Junior, Paonia)

4th-Keenan Hayes (Freshmen, Hayden)

5th-Justin Traxler (Junior, Akron)

6th-Joaquin Martinez (Junior, Dolores Huerta)


1st-Carlos Romo (Senior, Rocky Ford)

2nd-Clay Campbell (Senior, Paonia)

3rd-Woody Aguilar (Junior, Limon)

4th-Jared Bauer (Junior, Crowley County)

5th-Case Rieber (Senior, Burlington)

6th-Kaleb Fisher (Junior, Swink)


1st-Trevor Randel (Senior, County Line)

2nd-Kobryn Mann (Senior, Sedgwick County-Fleming)

3rd-Grey Neal (Sophomore, Paonia)

4th-Cade Hillman (Junior, Wray)

5th-Dayne Hines (Senior, Stratton)

6th-Dustin Sanchez (Junior, Ignacio)


1st-Diego Reyes (Senior, Rocky Ford)

2nd-Aidan Dabal (Senior, Norwood)

3rd-Trent Elliott (Freshmen, Merino)

4th-Jesse Burns (Junior, Paonia)

5th-Carson Reese (Junior, Akron)

6th-James Amick (Junior, Meeker)


1st-Carlos Tarin (Junior, Wray)

2nd-Jace Logan (Junior, Soroco)

3rd-Anthony Felice (Junior, Paonia)

4th-Austin Overholt (Junior, Norwood)

5th-Jesse Tapia (Sophomore, Rocky Ford)

6th-Braden Witzel (Junior, Burlington)


1st-Keegan Bean (Senior, Lyons)

2nd-William Gabriel (Junior, Nucla)

3rd-Tyson Martinez (Senior, Fowler)

4th-Dawson Roesch (Junior, County Line)

5th-Camern Fury (Senior, Mancos)

6th-Toby Waddell (Junior, Cedaredge)


1st-Dahlton McGhee (Senior, Fowler) *Undefeated 42-0*

2nd-Devin Curtis (Senior, Hotchkiss)

3rd-Dillan Salter (Senior, Del Norte)

4th-Dawson Worley (Junior, Cheyenne Wells)

5th-Jayce Reser (Senior, Wray)

6th-Noah Schroeder (Senior, West Grand)


1st-Sky Carlson (Senior, Soroco) *Undefeated 39-0*

2nd-Jaden Miller (Senior, Paonia)

3rd-Jayce Bauer (Junior, County Line)

4th-Jose Molina (Freshmen, Wray)

5th-Taj Van der Linde (Junior, Cedaredge)

6th-Brayden Dillingham (Junior, Calhan)


1st-Greg Garcia (Senior, Rocky Ford)

2nd-Ken Cox (Senior, County Line)

3rd-Levi Peterson (Sophomore, Paonia)

4th-Jeron Lippert (Junior, Wray)

5th-Ben McCaffrey (Senior, Ellicott)

6th-Tyler Mullins (Sophomore, Fowler)

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