We’re Going Dancing!!

Crowley County is our lone Arkansas Valley team vying for a State Championship, and they may just do that. They enter this weekend’s State Championships as the Overall #1 Seed. They will play #8 Sanford, and we know how Sanford is in the postseason. It will be a tough opening round game. The Chargers are guaranteed 2 games in Loveland, a win in just one of the first two games will guarantee them a third game. Follow here as we keep live scores from all games from the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland:



Thursday March 8th (Budweiser Events Center)

Game 1: #2 Yuma def. #7 Ellicott: 62-28

Game 2: #3 Byers def. #6 Ignacio: 65-44

Game 3: #1 Crowley County def. #8 Sanford: 48-41

Game 4: #5 Meeker def. #4 Highland: 74-59


Consolation Semifinals/Championship Semifinals

Friday March 9th (Budweiser Events Center)

Game 5 (Consolation Semifinal): #6 Ignacio def. #7 Ellicott: 63-58

Game 6 (Consolation Semifinal): #4 Highland def. #8 Sanford: 69-54

Game 7 (Championship Semifinal): #1 Crowley County def. #5 Meeker: 63-47

Game 8 (Championship Semifinal): #2 Yuma def. #3 Byers: 58-54


5th Place/3rd Place/State Championship

Saturday March 10th (Budweiser Event Center)

Game 9 (5th Place): #4 Highland def. #6 Ignacio: 65-54

Game 10 (3rd Place): #5 Meeker def. #3 Byers: 51-44

Game 11 (State Championship): #2 Yuma def. #1 Crowley County: 59-41

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